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High frequency Massage Gun

The massage gun deeply relieves muscle stiffness by providing powerful percussive massage therapy. It improves the overall health of the body's soft tissues and prevents inflammation caused by adhesions between fascia and muscles.


Six core advantages
small size
long battery life
high speed
high torque
low noise
smart chip

Electric Massage Gun
Professional intelligent massage omnidirectional deep relaxation.
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8mm amplitude direct to deep muscle groups.

Four paragraphs head

Four professional massage heads Take care of every muscle group.


High power output Powerful and stable.No noise, quiet and relax.



 Works well with the kinks in my neck and back. Great for the whole body and I’m happy with all of the attachments… and oh yea my dog loves it too lol when he hears my massage gun turn on.. here he comes running for his massage.

Bodhi Hines

Amazing product! Amazing price!
My wife has Scoliosis so we decided to get something to relax her muscles and massage her simultaneously. Definitely helps her with pain and the battery life seems to be great so far! This product deserves every bit of their 5 star rating!! We love it!


The sensation it gives you when massaging is incredible, I really recommend it, it is a high quality product and indispensable if you suffer from muscle pain.


 Works great it's really helped out with my knee && my husbands back. Great product!!! Also as you can see my Cat loves it as well!!!

Derian Wilkie